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"This photo is still much more subdued than the wedding photo," Wood said."In the wedding photo, she was in the moment." On the campaign trail, however, that playfulness and joy shifted.Wood said she was fascinated by this particular moment."They very, very briefly touch hands, [and] that says to me that would be normal for them, and they're fighting against normal," Wood said."It would be normal to hold hands and reassure each other before you go into the battle of what's going to happen when they get off the plane.I was very happy to see there was a little moment." The fact that the two touch hands made Wood happy because it seems like something a normal couple would do."He's showing some ownership, [but] she's not relaxed into him.That could be because it's a bright flash in a dark place." Wood also noticed it looks like they had just been holding hands, and had just kissed or were about to."The overlapping bodies shows they're a couple, they're a union, they have a desire to merge," Wood said. There's intimacy in the photo and there's tension as well." Several months after getting engaged in April 2004, Donald and Melania attend an event for a Leaders in Tourism event at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City."She's in what I call the V position with him; there's a slight overlap of her body with his," Wood said.

"The brevity showed me that they're making a decision not to show intimacy in the public eye," Wood said.At a campaign event in Iowa, Melania touches Donald as he gives a speech to his supporters. As I'm reading this, it looks like a desire to connect, rather than showing a connection."Wood drew attention to the fact that Melania's hands are straight out and her fingers aren't curved. "I still read that as a desire to connect, or maybe even a desire to get him to stop talking," Wood said. 9, just after celebrating his presidential victory, Donald and Melania share a brief embrace at his election night party at the Hilton Midtown hotel in New York City."That photo shows her desire to connect with him," Wood said. Although the two are touching and sharing a moment as a couple, Wood reads this photo as very stiff and formal.But we can see that [tension] is a choice, because she's acting differently than she did before." The day before Trump's inauguration, he and Melania arrived in Washington, D.


C., and shared a very brief hand hold while walking off their plane.

"Her arm is not wrapped around his, the fingers on her hand are splayed out instead of together or cupping his arm," Wood said. That's not normally how you would respond to a kiss from your husband."Wood also noticed Melania is sort of pulling back from Donald with her body.


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