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You may be with someone who’s uncomfortable talking about feelings.This is great information if you’re looking for a relationship.#5.Get a sense of how someone might receive what you wish to share.Be a good listener, not only hearing the words dates speak, but the tone used and the way they generally react when people talk about emotions.Once you’ve shared, look for equal sharing on the part of your date.If there is none forthcoming, or if you feel belittled or invalidated, this person is unlikely to be emotionally mature enough for a healthy relationship. – women, we are mired in the dichotomy between sharing our personal needs and retaining our independence.


From setting boundaries to how a woman expresses her feelings and needs is crucial to teaching her partner how she wishes to be treated.Let someone know that speaking up is difficult for you because you don’t want to be viewed as needy or clingy.Say that you have important things to share and that you believe talking about them will make the relationship stronger.This can create that nice balance of independence and togetherness.

These types of conversations will help you cultivate an atmosphere of safety where you can share your vulnerability and where you may find the balance that works for your relationship.

What pushes us to destroy ourselves while chasing this “perfect” balance?


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