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judaizm, islam) i mniejszych liczebnie chrześcijańskich (np.

baptyści), którą sprawowali burmistrzowie lub wyznaczeni urzędnicy municypalni.

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The main objective was to identify landscape transformations focusing on the rural settlement development and land use changes.

Determination of the impact of environmental and socioeconomic conditions on landscape changes was a very important goal.

Zapowiedzi, akta małżeństw, alegata, daty skrajne: 1810-1855, 22 j.a.

The study concerned the Kujawy Region (Central Poland), and covered the period of 200-years from 1770 to 1970.


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Po wyzwoleniu spod okupacji niemieckiej na krótko (1944/1945 r.) częściowo przywrócono rejestrację stanu cywilnego na zasadach obowiązujących przed 1940 r. ujednolicono na obszarze całego państwa polskiego prowadzenie rejestracji stanu cywilnego wprowadzając świeckie okręgi i urzędy stanu cywilnego.



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    That kind of malice is so extreme it crosses over the far line and becomes awesome.

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    As is the case with most African countries, the majority of Kenyans meet their romantic partners via the traditional methods of friends of the family, mutual friends, organizations, work, or school, etc; however, the Kenyan dating landscape is changing, and online dating is becoming increasingly more mainstream.

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    The first regular contact between Europeans and the peoples of the archipelago began in 1512, when Portuguese traders, led by Francisco Serrão, sought to monopolise the sources of nutmeg, cloves, and cubeb pepper in Maluku. In 1602, the Dutch established the Dutch East India Company (VOC), and in the following decades, the Dutch gained a foothold in Batavia and Amboina.

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