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This prompted the legislative body to consider passing a law that sets the age of consent at 13.This seems a little extreme to people here in Greater Portland.If her week was 60 hours and she spent 30 of those hours on the phone conducting personal activities was she earning her ,000? Add to those facts Barbara Powers during this FOAA suit was the wife of District Court Judge Keith Powers, class of ’66 South Portland High.Did the Maine Supreme Court ignore the precedent set by SCOTUS to protect the wife of a judge who very likely was defrauding the Town of Falmouth on her payroll?The Maine Supreme Court chose to ignore that precedent.The Forecaster did NO research on their own to verify that an opposing precedent even existed. The Forecaster should stop pretending to report news and stick to school sports, the police log, and where to get your dog washed. You need to remember that his second wife Cammy was an underage high school senior at SHS when Moulton was the school’s Resource Officer and dating her.Would this type of misconduct be too outside of the norm for a lawyer getting women to perform oral sex on him and to have intercourse with him in his office in exchange for legal services? Another example of lack of any small amount of research by Melanie or the Forecaster in general while quoting the Maine Supreme court ruling against Doyle in the suit over phone calls by Barbara Powers, former superintendent of schools in Falmouth, on her town paid for cellphone. 735 (1979) individuals have no “legitimate expectation of privacy” regarding the telephone numbers they dial because they knowingly give that information to telephone companies when they dial the number.The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) set a precedent in a ruling, Smith v. Doyle sought that data to establish the following:1.

” To be clear this letter arrived months after Doyle was released and he believes this was De Troy’s way of bragging about screwing his own client without any consequences for his deceit.

This just in, on December 6, 2017, at a Council meeting at the Wentworth School, the Old Fool was elected Council Chairman.

Boy, was Thomas Jefferson right when he gave this famous quote, “If you don’t get involved in government, you are destined to be ruled by your inferiors.” By Editor: Under the ‘leadership’ of Karen Wood, publisher, Mo the Moron Mehlsak, editor, and now Melanie Sochan, ‘reporter’ of the lowest order, they have personified fake news at every turn.

We know directly that the Chief has only had a few hours sleep on many days due to his commitment to the residents of Falmouth.

The department has only one credit card that Chief Rice carries in his wallet and invites anyone interested to review the statements from the day he was named Chief to date.(Editor’s Note: In full disclosure FTM has presented a Plaque to Fire Chief Rice for being the hardest working member of Falmouth Town Government, and FTM likes him as well.


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