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address, date of birth, phone numbers (he phoned me so he has the number) Having had problems with phone scammers before I told him that I am not divulging my details to a stranger on the phone and to please send me details of what they want by mail.I received a letter from them which just says call them immediately about a £76.67 Ebay bill, I phoned again, and again they asked for personal details which I refused to do on the phone to a strange so called company and they hung up on me,,, phone calls, messages still resume.Debt collectors aren’t going to tell you about all of your options to pay them less money.You need to educate yourself as to the options that you have.Debt collectors aren’t likely to tell you that you legally don’t have to pay, so firstly you must be sure that you actually owe the money claimed.


Sure enough the lad says to me he'lol hold all proceedings to allow me to check with my accountant. I called back and was a bit scared but because I've never had a debt before.

Dealt with this company due to forgetting a national insurance payment.


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