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· About is traditionally used to refer to the relation between a narrative and its subject: a book about Cézanne; a movie about the Boston Massacre.

This use has lately been extended to refer to the relation between various nonlinguistic entities and the things they make manifest, as in The party was mostly about showing off their new offices or His designs are about the use of rough-textured materials.

Now quarelling among the PKR factions, Anwar wnts the MB post for him/ his wife so that easy he can instruct when in prison, but PAS Selangor Chief said he and PAS Selangor supporting Khalid.

Source: Malaysia Digest Article Link KUALA LUMPUR: Get ready to grow a moustache or beard to support ‘Movember- The Ultimate Shave Off’ three-month campaign organised by the National Cancer Council (MAKNA) together with the Rainbow Team volunteer group to increase awareness on prostate and testicular cancer.



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